Real Life Testimonies

I find that listening to real-life testimonies is a great way to provide both personal  encouragement and also is helpful for me to know what are good scriptures to share. I listen to the radio drama Unshackled, produced by Pacific Garden Missions. As you listen to these testimonies, you will notice that in many cases, the person that gave their life to Christ had the Word of God, which are the seeds of Salvation, planted via the personal testimony of friends, family, or even strangers, leading to the further hearing of the Word in a church or reading of the Word themselves.

To hear hundreds of personal testimonies, set to radio drama, listen to Unshackled Online.

To hear daily radio broadcasts in your area of the country or world, see the Unshackled Radio Station List.

Some Unshackled episodes are also available at, on Podcast , and Youtube for those wanting to listen on Apple devices.